I proudly present the Yin Yang Essential. This is by far the best mix I worked on since this day. Took me heavy 4 weeks from ideas to plans and sorting tunes plus finalizing the mix with all the studio work on the vox n thing. As not everyone might know I’m hosting my own sets with my MC alias Ironman. Had a little tear in my eye when it was ready to upload.

Ying and Yang always faccinated me since the very first time I saw it as well as beat em up games back in the day. The intro jingle contains the title theme of Samurai Spirits (Showdown) 1 by SNK on Neo Geo (1993). The whole topic perfectly matched my idea of the mix to the end of this crazy year. I wish everyone a beloved merry Xmas and a wicked NYE session. BIG!
#Junglistlife #livebythefunk

Blessings fam..Stay healthy!

Beat Merchants – Dangerous Times [Prototype Recordings]
Marcus Intalex – The Guillotine (2022 Remaster) [Soul_r]
Maboon – L.B.T.F [Demolition Rollers]
DJ Direkt – Pull Up [The Foundation]
SCAR – Grasshopper [Metalheadz]
Parallel – Louder Than War [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Dunk & Twisted Individual – Puzzle Box [Grid Recordings]
Genic – What Now [Dispatch Recordings]
Battery – Aquarian Jazz [Warm Communications]
Jubei – Tradition [Carbon Music]
LaMeduza & Phase – Fuoco [Overview Music]
Trex & Philth – Cloud Riddim [Trust Ausio]
Wreckless – Fix Your Thoughts [Dispatch Recordings]
Marc OFX – Disorders [Wicked Jungle Records]
Dauntless & Cern – No Quarter [Dispatch Recordings]
CELO – Milestone [C Recordings]
State of Disorder – Resonate [South Yard]
SCAR feat. Naomi Pryor – Losing Your Mind [Metalheadz]
Raket – Haunting Games [Wicked Jungle Records]
Total Science – It’s Not Over (Zero T Remix) [CIA Records]
Mako – The Man [Dispatch Recordings – Dubplate 18]
Mortlock & Universal Project – Isolator [Carbon Music]
DJ Tonic – Snipers Breath (Remaster) [Trouble on Vinyl]
Marc OFX – Synthesthesia [Wicked Jungle Records]
Killaklan 001 – Visible Thief [Prototype Recordings]
DJ Direkt – Assassin [The Foundation]
K-i – Cure For This (Voltage Remix) [Soul Trader Records]
Diphasic – Gloomy [Qilin Music]
Breakage – Most High [Index]
Wreckless – Green Room [Dispatch Recordings]
Law & Wheeler – Absolute Proof [Repertoire]
S-capade – Drift [Architecture Recordings]
Meth & 2SHY – Conquest [Qilin Music]
Quantyze – Same Old Games [Qilin Music]
Breakage – The Original Certified Bubbler [Breakage]
LaMeduza & Phase – Aether [Overview Music]